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Thursday Inspiration: Handwritten Notes

helloluckyletterpressNataly was featured on the air waves this week (if you didn’t get a chance to hear the radio interview you can tune in here). A man called in to share that he’s created the habit of writing three positive notes to people every single day. It made me think about the last time I gave someone a handwritten note just because. His estimation of writing almost 30,000 personal notes over his lifetime inspired me to start writing. Whether it’s for upcoming Father’s Day, an “I miss you”, “Get well soon” or something to simply say you’re thinking of someone, try to send some notes this week. You can’t measure the amount of happiness you’ll bring to others.

Above are some letterpress notecards that inspire me, made by Hello Lucky, a San Francisco based letterpress and design studio.

Thursday Inspiration: Bright Side of the Road


Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this amazing public art installation right around the corner from Happier Headquarters. Our CEO Nataly happened to be on a photo shoot when she passed by this new garden space.

Titled Bright Side of the Road this “guerrilla gardening” is a part of Fort Point’s Art Walk and was created by artists Michael Moss and Claudia Ravaschiere. It brings a burst of color (and happiness) to a previously unused space. They chose to use the color orange because it represents enthusiasm, creativity and vitality – some of the same reasons why we chose Happier orange to represent us! I think this side yard is the perfect addition to our neighborhood. You can find it between buildings on 345 Congress Street. Feel free to stop by to see us too around the corner at 319 A Street.

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Thursday Inspiration: Sky Art


French artist Thomas Lamadieu said, “My artistic aim is to show a different perception of urban architecture and the everyday environment around us, what we can construct with a boundless imagination”​.

Lamadieu photographs architectural cityscapes and imagines characters within the space of the open sky. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we were told to look up the sky to see the characters appearing in the shapes of the clouds. Remember how happy we’d be spotting a whale, a rabbit, a dinosaur! I was delighted to find that there is a Cloud Appreciation Society that continues to document these findings! Take a minute to look up to discover something in the sky or the clouds. Perception and imagination can completely affect our happiness.

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Thursday Inspiration: Neighbors

“I would like to reveal the meaning of who we are and what we are as neighbors to each other.”

Artist Bohyun Yoon’s project entitled “Neighbors” started with portraits he took of the members of his community in Philadelphia. Yoon photographed of all the diverse people he saw when moving to this city and transferred the prints in monotone color to glass plates. These glass plates, hung along a metal structure, were projected onto the wall using lamps.

Happier recently launched a new Discover tab. Here you can browse happy moments from the Happier community from “neighbors” near or far. It is through this window that we are able to see the commonality in what makes people happy. Bohyun Yoon said, “I am inspired to make work about multi-race populations demonstrating that even if skin, hair, or eye color are different—people are the same inside.” We all want to get happier and through our “neighbors” we can encourage and inspire each other to do so.

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Thursday Inspiration: Roadsworth

Roadsworth“Where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of roads.” Street artist Roadsworth takes to the streets of Montreal to fight against the “mundaneness of the urban landscape” and he does so with his creative conversions of city streets and infrastructures. What I love about his work is that he uses existing lines and structures to create new visuals, even shadows are used (see the caged tiger image bottom left). Roadsworth proves that so much can be done with so little and that there is an opportunity for creative expression everywhere you look.

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Thursday Inspiration: Happy Holi


The colorful festival of Holi just took place in India and many other locations around the world to celebrate Spring, the season of hope and joy, and the triumph of good over evil. In India, gulal and abeer fill the air and the community is drenched in their vibrant colors. “What makes Holi so unique and special is the spirit of it which remains the same throughout the country and even across the globe, wherever it is celebrated.”

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Photos via Boston.com and happyholi20133.in