New In The Happier App This Week!

There’s a newer version of the Happier App coming your way. Hooray! We’ve made just a couple of small changes, and we hope it’ll be easier for you to find the next best course for you (which, in turn, leads to you being happier)!

happier-update-course-categories-102214When you login to Happier on iOS, we’ll help guide you to a course that’s right for you. Simply choose an area that you’d like to focus on (your screen will look like the image here), and from there, we’ll recommend a course that meets your needs. If you’re already taking a course, you won’t see any major changes.

We’ve made a couple of other small tweaks you might notice, too:

  • When there’s a new feature, we’ll tell you a bit more about it right in the app. (We think that cuts down on those unpleasant, “Whoa! Where did that come from??” moments!)
  • The Daily Challenge is back! It will now always be visible in your Friends feed in Community.

Please let us know what you think! We’re always working to make Happier a better experience, and we hope you find these changes helpful. Email us at with your feedback. We’ll continue to update the blog with new changes that are coming your way — so check back!

Whoa! Happier Is Getting Famous-er!

We’re on the Hallmark Channel!

You know Carson has been sharing tips, tricks and advice in his Happier courses, but did you catch him offering advice and talking about Happier on the Hallmark Channel? We just did and we’re sooo excited! And that’s not all –- he’s going to give us a shout out on EXTRA tonight, too! We’ll be sure to share that clip as soon as we have it! (Ummm… did we mention that we’re a little excited…?)

Here’s the segment:

Carson’s Top Fashion and Style Tips For Fall


Hi Happiers!

This time of year always reminds me of back-to-school shopping with my mom, headed to Hess’s: Allentown, PA’s most glamorous shopping destination in the 70s. Armed with new corduroys and a silk print shirt, I felt new and improved and ready to take on the world! (At least in 3rd grade!) Anyway, the tradition of back-to-school shopping forever instilled in me the power of a fresh fall wardrobe! Here are 10 tips to start fresh this fall:


  1. Go back-to-school shopping even if you’re not actually going back to school. (Note: taking the Happier Makeover course counts as going back to school!)

  3. Get some new nail lacquer: Try hot new moody colors like Navy and Merlot.







  1. Killer outerwear. The key piece for fall is the parka. Since you wear it every day as the cold weather approaches, get a good one — it’s worth the investment.
  1. Go for a long skirt.  It’s great for every figure and can add drama to pieces you already have (like a simple white blouse).
  1. Try pleats. (Just try them. You might really end up liking them.)
  1. Add a touch of leather. You don’t have to invest in leather jeans – who looks good in them anyway? — but try adding touches of leather or faux hides in sweater-patch details, leggings with racing stripes, or a cute motorcycle jacket. For even more edge, go for the new liquid-like faux leather.
  1. Refresh your intimates! If you haven’t bought new bras and panties since the Reagan administration, it’s time to freshen up the underwear drawer. Undergarments affect how you feel and improve how everything on top of them fits. Change your bra = change your life!
  1. Buy some new kicks to motivate a back to the gym mentality. If I think I look cute, I’m more likely to go to the gym.
  1. Add a bit of animal print. I always have some in my collection for shopHQ and this fall is perfect for touches of muted cheetah and python. Muted versions in grays and browns act like a neutral and pair with everything!
  1. Go green. Green is having a moment. While everyone is still rocking cobalt and deep purples, stand out from the crowd with green — the color that’s about to be the next big trend. Try emerald all the way to olive drab.

Making Happier Even Better: See What’s Coming This Week!

We released a new version of Happier for iOS8 and iPad last week and we’re working hard to make the experience even more awesome every day. Here are some changes you’ll see this week:

  • Take multiple courses in parallel without interrupting progress from another course. We thought this was incredibly important with so many courses at your fingertips (in case you missed it: most of our courses are now free). We know some days you might want to meditate AND do Yoga. Now you can easily do both.
  • Want to binge-learn? Now you can. With our newest release, you can watch as many days of a course as you’d like, whenever you’d like. You no longer have to wait for the calendar day to change to continue your Happier learning journey. (We know you’re busy; being able to take each lesson when it works for you is important. Sometimes this means 3 in a row rather than 3 days in a row).
  • find-courses-easierWe’ve fixed our meditations. We know it was super annoying to have the audio stop if your phone went to sleep. That won’t happen anymore — hooray! — so you’ll be able to enjoy some of our longer meditations without interruption (which is the point).
  • We’ve made our courses easier to find. The tab is called Courses instead of Learn, and we’ve moved it to the far left so you can get to it right away. We’ll still respect your last tap, though, so if you were in Community the last time you left, we’ll send you there when you come back.
  • Track your progress. It’s now super easy to see how much you’ve completed on each course with new progress indicator labels in the courses tab!
  • course-progress-trackingYou know how you kept seeing “Thanks for purchasing!” after choosing our newly-free courses? Well, now that’s gone too. You’ll only see purchase confirmations and information if you’ve actually purchased and paid for a Premium course. This should be less confusing for everyone! (Did we mention we gave you a bunch of free courses?)
  • We’ve got some exciting news for Android users, too! Tony has been working HARD to get our free courses accessible for everyone. And while there’s still some work to do on the overall experience, we’re happy to say out first version WITH FREE COURSES will be available late this week!

We did a couple other small tweaks too — like fixing the stretching of photos when you share them, and making the login screens a little more fun. Please keep the feedback coming! We’re always working to improve the experience for our community but we can’t make it better if you don’t tell us. (Leave a comment here, or email any time.)

Carson Kressley is here! On our actual blog!

photoEvery once in a while we’ll bring you a special series of Premium courses with exclusive content and access to world-class experts that you can’t get anywhere else. We think you’ll love what you get and we’re working hard to keep these unique opportunities ridiculously affordable and easily accessible to anyone.

Our first Premium course is Happier Makeover with Carson Kressley, an inspiring 7 day course to help you feel great from the inside out. To get you as excited about it as we are, we asked Carson to stop by and share some thoughts before the first day of class.


Hi Happiers! It’s me, Carson! Just to prove that I practice what I preach — and teach — about choosing to be positive about yourself — here are Ten Things I Like About Me:

1.  I’ve got great legs.  Shopping is my cardio and it’s paying off.
2.  My smile.  It’s not perfect but it cost a lot of money and I love it.
3.  My hair.  Somedays I like it more than others but at least I’ve still got it. For now.
4. My skin. I drink lots of water and try to take care of it but I’m just lucky, I guess, as it’s naturally good.
5. My ab. Yes, you read that right.  Just the beginnings of a two-pack.  But it’s better than nothing…
6. My clavicle.  It’s one of my best features. Boat neck sweaters anyone?
7. My hands.  People always comment on them.  I really think I could have been a hand model. #itsnevertoolatetofollowyourdream
8.  My lips.  (Here’s a case of making lemonade out of lemons:  As a kid, I was playing “make your own seesaw” with my brother.  Bad idea.  The board went flying and whacked me in the face.  I got a dozen or more stitches in my upper lip.  It gave me a pouty look that people now seem to love.  Always a trend setter and way ahead of The Real Housewives with this look!)
9.   My waist. It’s pretty good for a guy who basically lives on champagne and Swedish fish.  Again just lucky – and grateful!
10.  Did I mention my nail beds?
Now it’s your turn to be positive about yourself! See you in class!

Happier Has A New Look!

photo_erinHi there, Happiers, it’s Erin here. I’m the Creative Director and Designer at Happier and I’m excited to share some fun news today.

Over the past few months we listened to your valuable feedback and made a lot of improvements to the Happier app, all with the goal of giving you a better, faster, more awesomer, Happier experience.


We now have an iPad app! Our awesome iOS developer Brian has been working really hard on giving you more ways to get your Happier fix. Just install the app from the app store and it will adjust to any iOS device.


  • This is about you! We wanted you to shine, so we made it easier for you to see happy moments and photos. The changes we made also allow you to scroll through your friends’ moments even faster.happier-new-look-ipad
  • Quick and easy to use. We simplified our navigation so you can find the things that are important to you—quickly!happier-new-look-EG


  • Your questions answered, fast. Our goal is to get you the answers you need about courses. (For example: Why should I take a Happier course? How do Happier courses help me? Stuff like that.) We also added short videos to give you a quick overview of what you can expect.
  • Easy step-by-step lessons. In each course lesson our step-by-step bar gives you a way to measure your progress, making it easy for you to track how far you’ve come and how close you are to completing the course.


happier-new-look-new-iconWe also changed up our app icon a little bit. We think this new one is even spiffier, makes us even easier to find, and goes well with the new and improved us. (Don’t worry—as you can see, we’re still orange. Of course.)

Thank you for being part of our community and as always, we love your feedback. Comment here or drop us a line to let us know what you think; you’re the reason we do what we do!