Living Happier with Nataly: This Quote is My Life Mantra

If there is one quote I live by, it’s this:


I made it up a while ago. Someone once told me it sounds depressing but I disagree. Life moves fast. There is so much going on each day that it’s easy for moments to just blend into the next. Sometimes I feel like I live in a perpetual state of hurry.

miaSo this quote is my mantra to remind me to focus on what’s important — experiencing as much as possible, in every small and huge way. An experience could be playing a game with my daughter before bed or it could be something more special, like visiting a new place. But to collect it you have to be present in it or it will rush right by.

What experiences will you collect today?

Happier Hearts: Orange Jewelry Edition

Taking vitamin C or drinking fresh-squeezed juice are two ways to get more orange into your life. Want a third?  Wear tiny pops of orange when you’re in the mood for an extra little burst of daily energy. Here are three (but only three — there are many, many more!) of my favorite pieces of fun orange jewelry:

Stud muffins.

I love how these small earrings really add a pop of color around my face. When I’m having a meh morning they’re usually my choice for a quick pick-me-up.

Kate Spade New York Small Square Studs2263119-p-MULTIVIEW








Orange leather is the new (black) leather.

This is one of our favorite orange accessories at Happier. It fits any size wrist, it sparkles, and seriously, does it get any cooler than leather?

Wrap Bracelet in Orange Leatheril_570xN.545552728_rcoi







Put a (big giant) ring on it.

I know that Happier is all about small beautiful moments, but sometimes, for me, it’s about big giant rings. I know they’re not for everyone, but I wear large rings often and when I do I feel like I have a smile on my hand all day long. This ring is the size of a small coffee table, but it’s awesome, and it’s orange. If it’s too big (I’ll understand!), check out other rings and accessories in this shop, which is one of my faves on Etsy.

Huge Glass Cocktail Ringil_570xN.314192444



Awesome Humans: Josh Malone and Bunch O Balloons

awesome-humans-bunch-o-ballonsThere are new inventions every single day, and some of them are life-changing, and some of them are useless, and some just plain make us smile.

Maybe water balloons aren’t going to cure cancer, but our hats are off to Josh Malone after reading this story about his Bunch O Balloons creation—leave it to a father of eight to streamline the water balloon process! If you love it as much as we do, you can check out his Kickstarter campaign and get some for yourself. What’s not to love about being able to fill 100 water balloons in under a minute??

Thanks for being awesome, Josh. Consider this an open invitation to come on over to Happier HQ for a water balloon fight! (Could you make us some in orange…?)

Happier Jump-Starts: The Joy of Text

happier-challenge-text-complimentHappy Monday! Here’s hoping you had a fantastic weekend and you’re ready for the week ahead. What better way to kick off your week the right way than to pick up your phone and spread some joy? Here’s this week’s Happier Challenge:

Text a friend and tell them they’re awesome.

(It’s not just a nice thing to do; research shows texting makes you both happier!)

Need a little more inspiration for your week? We’ve got you covered:

Have an awesome week, and we hope to you’ll come share some happy moments about it, too!

Happier Starts: Tips for Better Summer Beverages

happier-starts-beveragesI’m less of a Pinterest person and more of a Pinterest Fail kind of person. I realize it’s something of a sacrilege to admit that, but I am just… not crafty. I tell you this by way of preface; if you want recipes for cucumber-watermelon-limeade with a twist of mint or a DIY on making your own goblets, I’m sure that stuff exists on Pinterest. I’m sure it’s great, too. But that’s not really my sort of thing.

My sort of thing is more like… how can I do something foolproof, cheap, and low-effort that will make me or my family/guests smile? And right now we’re smack in the middle of a typical southern summer, at my house, which means the temperatures are soaring and everything from lazy evenings to fancy social events start with an icy glass of something. Here’s a few simple no-crafty-skills-required ideas for keeping your drinks fabulous.

1) Amp up your ice cubes! I’m all for just plain ice, of course, but the possibilities for going one step further are nearly endless. Doing water for a large group? Freeze berries in your cubes to add a hint of flavor and make the drinks prettier. Love ice coffee or ice tea? Coffee cubes—or even half-n-half cubes, if you like yours light—avert the dreaded water-down, and tea cubes or lemonade cubes for tea are awesome. Want your kids to drink more water, but they want juice? Make juice cubes for their water (and go with a variety of colors).

2) Find a vessel that makes you happy. You’ll drink more if have something to drink out of that you really love. (Hmmm… seems like I’ve heard that before….) Stay hydrated on hot days by figuring out what sort of bottle or cup will keep you reaching for it.

3) Play mad scientist. Someone gave me an infusion bottle as a gift (you know, a water bottle with a sort of cage in the center to allow you to lower solids into the water without them getting in the way of the straw). I put lemon and lime slices into it for weeks before it occurred to me that I had an entire garden of possibilities to try. Mint! Lemon verbena! (Okay, Pinterest, you win, I did cucumbers and they were refreshing, fine.) Kids will love this one, and if adult beverages are more your thing, c’mon now, how do you think they invented sangria…?

4) Go for the stunning visual. Sugary beverages are a rare treat around my house, but for a special occasion, doing a layered drink would be all kinds of fun. All you have to remember is that sugar in a liquid makes it heavy, but here’s a quick Instructable on the process, too. (This works for adult beverages as well, of course; higher alcohol content liquids are lighter than their lower-proof counterparts.)

5) DIY beats fancy drink labels. I’ve seen all sorts of fancy drink charms and sleeves and what have you all over Pinterest. “Make your next party perfect!” You know what partygoers really love? I mean, assuming it’s an outdoor, relaxed affair? A stack of Solo cups and an array of permanent markers. Sure, the first few people will dutifully write their names on their cups. Then will come a few fake names, and maybe a few scribbles. But then the real art begins. It’s fun and easy and I’ve yet to meet the kid or adult who doesn’t end up sort of getting into it.


Android, meet Happier!

Well, first, Happier, meet Tony, who is one of our awesome developers and who has some pretty great news to share today:

This is Tony. Like all of us at Happier he loves giraffes. A lot.

Hi Happier community!

Today marks the first day that you can officially download Happier from the Play Store, and boy does it feel good!

While you may not be able to take your favorite course on the go yet, you can collect and share your happy moments and stay connected with our awesome community that makes Happier what it is! We’ve spent a good deal of time making sure all of the basics are there, so you’ll be able to do things like keep up to date with your friends, browse featured moments, and smile and comment at the things that made your day just that much brighter.

 Of course, with all new apps, there are going to be some small issues that have slipped through the testing cracks, but we’ll be keeping a close ear to the ground and make sure that the Happier for Android becomes the app that we would all want it to be! (We are always really excited to hear from you — yes, even when it’s to report a bug — so keep your feedback coming to

So what’s up next then? I’ll be working on search and notifications. Because these are quite big tasks, I can’t give you a shipping date yet but I promise they’ll be out soon! Once that’s done and we’ve added some of the community features our users love, I can start tackling courses and make sure that you can really get the full experience of Happier on Android!

Thanks everyone for being so patient with us on this and I’d love to give a big, huuuge thanks to everyone who joined as early beta testers. You guys were a great help and were absolutely fantastic at pointing out every little bug that I’d missed during the early stages of development.

Until next release!

Tony (and the rest of the very excited Happier team)

Living Happier with Nataly: The awesome of travel

Relaxing has never been one of my strengths. In fact, not being able to relax is one of my weaknesses: left to my own devices, I usually work myself into exhaustion. There’s plenty of science that proves taking vacations, even short ones, has huge health benefits, both physical and emotional, but even that hasn’t always been enough to get me out of the office and on the way to a relaxing vacation. As funny as it may sound, I’ve had to think of ways to make taking time off easier.

One of the things I love about Happier is that I get to share the small simple lessons I’ve learned in my own life with you, so here’s how I made my recent off-the-grid vacation one of the most stress-free and positive breaks I’ve ever had:

  • Say it out loud.  I told my friends, family, and the team that I needed a break. Like, really needed a break. Going public and being open about it was awesome. Everyone encouraged me not to feel guilty about taking time off and helped me cover all the bases while I was gone. Making it a group effort helped me worry less and disconnect more. Which made me way happier.
  • Commit to unplugging. To really relax and get the full benefit of being away, I knew   I’d have to completely unplug this time. That meant getting myself removed from all work emails beforehand and staying off all social media (though I was allowed to post moments in Happier :) ….but just a few…). Instead of making up an excuse to justify my absence to others, I wrote an honest out-of-office email that said I was away because I needed a break and that I wouldn’t be checking emails on vacation. I also asked anyone trying to reach me to shoot me an email right after I was back if what they needed was time sensitive (which made me feel less panicked about missing something critical).
  • New routines. I changed my vacation-routine completely — including no super-early morning walks, trying different foods, taking time to read actual books which is a luxury — all to maximize “brain chill-out.” Doing as many different things as possible is the best way for me to disconnect from regular life because it helps me get into a whole new mind space.  As I hoped, it worked wonders this time.

When I came back, I felt more refreshed and organized — and happier — than I had in a long time. I wasn’t surprised that my vacation would be great for me, but what did surprise me was how great it was for my family and my team at Happier to have me return so calm and rested (you can email and ask:).

natalyvacationIf you need a break, take one. It’s not selfish. It’s a way to nurture yourself and give the best version of yourself to everyone around you.